Travel Journal, Day 3 (Part I): Car Wash Fundraiser & A Hike In The Woods Near Danbury, Connecticut

May 2, 2021

Originally, I wanted to go the Saugatuck Waterfalls near Redding. But Kevin and I had a hard time finding a parking spot. So, we decided to go back to Danbury and hike on a trail up there. On the way back, we ran into some kids with signs next to a church. They offered us a carwash and a cup of fresh-made tomato sauce for $25. If we only wanted the carwash ($20) or the Marinara Sauce ($10), we could’ve got that, too. We went for both. Behind the church, they had everything set up for the carwash. Whole families were scrubbing, washing and drying cars. I think, this is a cool idea for a warm Sunday afternoon. Those kids can enjoy family time, and still learn a bit about the value of a Dollar.

Marinara sauce & a car wash for a fundraiser
Tomato Basil Marinara Sauce and a car wash for a fundraiser at a local church in Redding

When we found our way back to Danbury, we went to the Wooster Mountain State Park Scenic Reserve. There was a decent parking lot and a nice trail system. Kevin and I hiked on the Bennet’s Pond Trail for a little bit, talked about the area, got all excited about the house sell & purchase the next day, listened to some birds and looked at some vegetation. Yeah, it was a relaxing afternoon as a couple. Kevin and I needed that, after all the stress we’ve been through the last six months. The fresh air and walking together made all up for it. πŸ’•

Later on, we went back to the apartment, had a bite to eat and relaxed for little bit. …


… to be continued …

Big Buzzzz Can Make A Big Fuss

Eastern Carpenter Bee

This morning, I saw two big buzzers which looked like bumble bees. But even a regular bumble bee is much smaller compared to the one in the picture. They both were busy drinking nectar from my Autumn Sage. A few minutes ago, I did some research. Ha! I found out, that these guys can do quite some damage to wood. I have to keep an eye out on the property and hopefully won’t find a big hole in the sidings, deck or fence. It never gets boring in Texas.

Travel Journal, Day 2: A Glimpse of Our Future House & A Visit to Groton In Connecticut

May 1, 2021

Kevin and I arrived in Danbury after midnight. I was hungry and had some of Kevin’s home-cooked spaghetti. Before we rested for the night, I gave Kevin an inside what my To-Do-Plan was for the weekend. The following morning, we decided to drive to New London to see a few lighthouses. Watertown is on the way, and I could get a glimpse of our new home from the outside, before we would officially buy it on Monday afternoon. When I saw the house in front of me for the first, I was very happy. Yeah, we picked a good home. It needs some tender, love & care (TLC). But we are used to that from our first home, we bought in The Colony, Texas. I definitely will have my hands full with projects. And that’s exactly what I need: projects. I’ll be in paint up to my knees, all Summer. πŸ˜„

From Watertown, we drove further east, all the way to New London/Groton. I originally wanted to see the Mystic Lighthouse. But we decided to go to the Avery Point Lighthouse instead. The Avery Point Lighthouse sits on the same Peninsula as the University of Connecticut (UConn) Southeastern Branch. They have a lot of neat buildings on this Campus: the Branford House, a library, a bookstore, a University Police Department, a Project Oceanology Building and Marina, a Marine Operation Building, etc. The Long Island Sound has a lot to offer, when it comes down to studying marine life and other nifty subjects. We walked around the Campus and saw more lighthouses in the area. Where the Thames River (no not the one that flows through London, UK; the one that flows between New London and Groton) flows into the Long Island Sound is the New London Ledge Lighthouse located, right in the middle of the New London Bay. Its been said, that lighthouse is haunted by a former keeper named “Ernie”, who committed suicide by jumping off the top of the lighthouse into the bay. The reason: his wife decided to leave him for another man. Coast Guards witnessed unexplained knocking and door opening & closing repeatedly during night time. The New London Harbor Lighthouse is right across the Thames River. There are a lot more in and around this bay area. But we focused on these three lighthouses.

Walking towards the Shennecossett Yacht Club, we’ve heard quite a commotion on the Thames River. We wondered, what was going on. The U.S. Coast Guards made so much noise, we first thought someone is in deep trouble. Come to find out, the Coast Guards were guiding a Submarine out of the river and the bay to the sound into deeper waters. Later I found out, that there is a Naval Submarine Base and also a museum, where the Nautilus is located upstream the river. That was very interesting. I haven’t seen a submarine in 31 years. When I was 16, I had the chance to see the “Wilhelm Bauer” (U-2540) submarine in Bremerhaven, Germany. Anyway, seeing the submarine entering the Long Island Sound was the highlight of this trip to New London/Groton.

Kevin and I had lunch in Chester’s Barbeque, before we drove back to Danbury. In the late afternoon, I couldn’t do much due to a nasty migraine. But those come and go from time to time. We decided to take it easy for the rest of the evening.

Wild Violet – They seem to grow all over the state at this time of the year.


… to be continued …

Travel Journal, Day 1: From Dallas Love Field To La Guardia in Queens, New York

April 30, 2021

In my earlier blogs, I’ve mentioned I have to travel to close on both of the houses. Eventually everything fell in place. Our buyer got approved for purchasing our Dallas home, about a week or two ago. And we’ve got approved for purchasing the home in Watertown, Connecticut, few days ago. The puzzle pieces all came together. And now, we have the big picture.

So, it was time to fly to New York City. Wow, I still can’t believe we will live only two ours away from the Big Apple. Anyway, when I arrived in Dallas Love Field, I was overwhelmed a little bit, at first. I’ve never been flying by myself. So, this was interesting. After some help from the airport team, I figured it out and was glad, when I arrived at the gate. Kevin told me to purchase a water bottle and a snack to hold me over, until I would land in New York. Which was a great help at the approximately 3-hour-flight.

Once I arrived in La Guardia, everything was “easy-peasy lemon squeezy”. There was a bit of a walk to get to the exit. But it seemed to go quick. Kevin was waiting right there to pick me up in time. It fell good to be back in New York, after almost four years, when we visited the city for the first time. The city looked as good as always. But we still had another hour to drive to get to Danbury, Connecticut. ….


… to be continued …

Spring In Our Backyard ~ April 2021 II

Last night and today, we had some thunderstorms rolling through the metroplex. It cooled off nicely this morning. Zoey, Chewbacca and I took advantage of the rain break and spent some time in the yard. When Chewbacca got thirsty, he just walked over to drink some fresh rain water from the bird bath. It must be nice being a cat and not having a care in the world. 🐈

Spring In Our Backyard ~ April 2021 I

It was mostly cloudy and windy, this afternoon. And we had high humidity. However, this wasn’t keeping me from going outside and enjoying nature in the backyard. Butterflies and beetles seem to visit our garden more frequently. The Cedar Waxwings are almost ready to migrate up north to their breeding ranges, again. Some might fly as far as beyond the border into Canada. The all-year-around bird crew, like the Western Kingbird and the Blue Jay came over for a snack.

Earlier in the year, when we had sub-zero temperatures in Texas, I thought we lost our fennel. But the plant taught me wrong. It came back even taller, a saturated green, and with some nice size bulbs. Since we are not so fond of the anise/licorice taste of fennel, we leave the plant for the Black Swallowtail caterpillar and other insects. I’m sure, they’ll enjoy it much more than we do. They have done it in the past.

First Super Full Moon of 2021 ~ The Pink Moon

April’s Pink Moon is nearly full.

Of course, the Moon doesn’t turn pink in April. It got its Native American name from the Pink Moss, also known as Creeping Phlox or Mountain Phlox, which is one of the earliest Spring flowers in the US. Today’s Pink Moon will be the first of two Super Full Moons, this year. It will be 8% closer than the average Full Moon. Tonight’s Moon will only be 222,064 miles (357,378 km) away. The average Full Moon has a distance of 240,000 miles (384,400 km) from Earth. The next Super Moon will be even closer to our planet on May 26th. In May, we will have a lunar eclipse as well. It will be visible in some areas of southeast Asia, all of Australia and Oceania, most of Alaska and Canada, all of the lower 48 states, Hawaii, Mexico, Central America, and most of South America.

Our Garden/Yard In Late April 2021

Lately, I’m posting a lot of similar photos. Please, bare with me! Blogging daily is important for me. It really helps to deal with the stress of the move. On May 3, we hopefully will sign for both houses. The Texas house will be sold; the Connecticut house will be bought. Eighteen days later, the girls will have their last day of school in Texas. In the beginning of the following week, the movers will come in an pack. After that, the cleaning lady will deep clean the house. And then we will be ready to move to our new home. It will happen, before we know it.

In the meantime, our Texas garden flourishes. We have peaches, cherry tomatoes, plums, strawberries, and perennial flowers growing and blooming. Chewbacca loves to bask in the backyard all day. The weather is beautiful, we have warm temperatures. He just loves the wind around this nose. What a cat life?!

Floral Spring Raindrops

This afternoon and evening, we had a couple of thunderstorms rolling through Dallas/Fort Worth. Refreshing, but very humid was the air after the rain. Flora & Fauna enjoyed this weather. Even Zoey strolled around in the backyard, before the heavy rain came down and she ran right back into the house. It’s all fun and games, until her back gets wet.

Sunset At Lewisville Lake ~ April 2021

Stewart Creek Park in The Colony, Texas

Kevin, Sara and I walked along the shores of Lewisville Lake in Stewart Creek Park, this evening. It has been a while, we watched a sunset at the lake together. The weather was perfect for relaxing by the new pier. Quite a few anglers tried their luck catching a fish. Some were fishing for a couple of hours, until one lady showed up, put her fishing rod in the water and caught a fish within a minute. That bate must have been really good. πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰ Unfortunately, the fish was too small. And she had to release it back into the lake. Some boaters had a really good time with dancing and partying on their boat. The music made me do some dance moves at the shore as well. What would life be without having fun? Only half as good as it is now. Yeah, this evening was great. I missed being out and having a good time at the lake.

April Showers Bring May Flowers ~ 2021 πŸŒ§β˜”

Last night, we had a thunderstorm coming through the Dallas/Fort Worth area. And today, it was raining for most of the day. We can use the Spring rains in April. The flowers will do so much better, when it gets warm in May. On top of that, it is a nice break from the 85Β°+ Fahrenheit (up to 31℃) what we had earlier in the week.

Our Greenhouse/Garden In Mid-April 2021

1) Coreopsis β€œEarly Sunrise”; 2) Crane Fly; 3) Dianthus; 4) Carrots;
5) Grape Hyacinth Seed Pods; 6) Peaches; 7) Fuyu Persimmon Leaves;
8) β€œKnock Out” Rose Buds; 9) Bradford Pear Blossoms; 10) Autumn Sage;
11) Fennel; 12) Fairy House; 13) Snapdragon β€œOrange Wonder”; 14) Aloe Vera;
15) Autumn Sage; 16) Speedwell Veronica; 17) Pink Meadow Sage

The World of Insects In Our North Texas Backyard ~ April 2021

In the afternoon, I spent some time with Luis and Zoey in the backyard. Luis recently recovered from having a tummy bug. He was sick for two days. The third day, he finally started eating a little bit. I cooked him some soft wet foods throughout the rest of the week. It gave him his strength back. And now, he’s good ol’ “annoying” dog he was before he got sick. While I enjoyed this beautiful weather with my pups, I saw some bugs flying around in the yard. It was a nice opportunity to do a little insect photo shoot. Insects are fun to watch and photograph, while they are so busy in their own little world.

Hiking In The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve In April 2016

1) Texas Bluebonnet; 2) Common Vetch; 3) Engelmann Daisy; 4) Wild Carrot;
5) Texas Dandelion; 6) Nuttall’s Milk Vetch; 7) Stork’s Bill Raindrops;
8) Engelmann Daisy; 9) Silver-leaf Nightshade; 10) Seven-spotted Ladybug;
11) At the creek; 12) In The Arbor Hills; 13) Clouds with a little bit of rain;
14) β€˜Victoria Blue’ Salvia & Bastard Cabbage; 15) Raindrops in the park;
16) Texas Yellow Star; 17) Texas Bluebonnet; 18) Gaura/Wandflower

Strawberry Harvest In April 2021

Fresh fruits from our strawberry plants

Before the bugs or birds get to the strawberries, I picked a few fruits from the plants. They can finish ripen on the kitchen counter, where they are safe from the critters outdoors. Maybe I can make one last for Kevin to come home from Connecticut, next week. He loves fresh strawberries from the garden. It is always a nice treat for him. But I also have plenty of green strawberries growing in the pot. They might be ripe by then as well.

Peas & Snow Peas In April 2016

Since I’m busy for the next couple of months, I will blog some older pictures and stories I have in my files. Pretty much the same I did, when the pandemic broke out last year. I still have some sweet garden photos and other memories, I would like to share on this blog page.


Every time I wanted to cook some Asian inspired food, I had a hard time to find snow peas. It drove me crazy, going to several stores and couldn’t find them. I love snow peas in my wok dishes. To solve this problem. I started to grow my own snow peas and peas in our garden. We always had some sandwich baggies full of snow peas and put them in the freezer for later occasions. Sometimes, Katelynn and Sara were faster. They picked the peas right of the vines and ate them. You can’t get vegetables and fruits fresher from a store. The peas and snow peas were always so full of flavor.

Happy Spring Gardening!

My New Blog ~ Under The White Oak Leaves

Yep, that’s me!


I’m Tanja! You probably have seen me before on my blog β€œUnder The Pecan Tree”. My family and I are moving to Connecticut in June. Unlike my other blog, which is about day-to-day thoughts and photos, this blog will be about the history, sights, nature, etc. of New England. Once in a while I might blog about New York, since the Empire State is bordering the New England states.

I believe, this is a great opportunity to learn more about our new home and the surrounding regions. Enjoy reading!

~ Tanja πŸ’—

National Sourdough Bread Day 2021

Rosemary-Garlic Bread made from Sourdough

Today, we recognize on of the world’s oldest leavened bread. Sourdough is a product due to the process of long fermentation of the bread dough by using lactobacilli and yeasts. The use of naturally occurring yeasts and friendly bacteria versus cultivated yeast causes the bread to have a slightly sour, but pleasant taste.Β 

Happy National Sourdough Bread Day!

Ozzy’s 2nd Birthday

We still remember when Ozzy adopted us. He was only three months old and sitting in a local shelter with his siblings and his momma. A year and nine months forward, we have a lot of joy with Ozzy. He’s smart, he’s funny, and he listens to his name. Sometimes, he gets himself into trouble, especially when he decides to jump into the drapes at the patio door. He acts like a little monkey to show off, while Benny’s watching. Ozzy also loves to relax in the garden and climb trees. From there, he can overlook the neighborhood and make sure, everything is in order. There are a lot of signs, that he might become the next Alpha in our pride. In the meantime, Chewbacca, the Senior Alpha shows him some tricks. After all, Ozzy is still young.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ozzy!

Our Greenhouse/Garden In Late March 2021

March is coming to an end. And most of the garden plants, which had to go through the tough mid-February freeze, begin to recover. Surprisingly, some plants like the English Lavender, Garden Sage, and Pink Salvia ‘Nemorosa’ coming back in the greenhouse. A few weeks back, ,we thought everything is dead. In the garden beds, plants like fennel and the Pugster Amethyst Butterfly Bush make a comeback. I had to cut them back severely for more sunlight to reach the new sprouting leaves. We also have reseeded plants from the Mexican Red Sage and Mistflowers. The Monarchs and the hummingbirds will love these flowers, later in the year. I probably have to thin them out and relocate some plants to the frontyard. Our Methley Plum tree shows some fruit. And the strawberries keep giving as well. I sure will miss the Texas Spring. However, I also have the excuse to get a bigger greenhouse on our new property.

Wild Glass Mushroom (Coprinus lagopus)

Little fungi, which pop up in the early morning hours.

Every morning, when the temperature allows it, I open my greenhouse door and window to air it out and get rid of the extensive moisture that builds up over night. As soon as I enter the greenhouse, I have the feeling I walk into a fairy land. There are little fungi, named Coprinus lagopus, all over the place. I’m still waiting for β€˜Tinkerbell’ and her friends to come out from underneath the flower plants, flying towards my face and greet me: β€œGood morning, Tanja! How are you, today?” She sprinkles some fairy dust for good gardening all over me, before they’ll fly out of the window to spend their day in the flower beds, while drinking some nectar and dance in the wind.Β πŸ˜‰

House Contract In The Naugatuck River Valley of Connecticut

This American Robin found a delicious berry at The Colony Shoreline Trail.

Well, on Tuesday we made an offer for a house in Watertown, Connecticut. Yesterday, the owner agreed and signed the contract. And we are hopeful, we’ll close in the beginning of May. We can’t wait to be residents of Connecticut and its Naugatuck River Valley. In the meantime, we are still working on selling the house down here in Texas.

Our Garden In Late March 2021 (I)

This Spring, I won’t do as much in the Garden as I usually did, in the years prior. But we still like to enjoy some fresh Cherry tomatoes and some fresh herbs. The tomato plants seem to grow well and have some bloom already. Our Aloe Vera plants look healthy as well. I’ve noticed some plants recovered from the harsh Winter weather . They just need to be trimmed for the green leaves to take over, again.

Beautiful Spring Morning In March 2021

After the rain yesterday, the clear morning was beautiful.

While we are still here in Texas, I want to enjoy as many beautiful sunrises and sunsets as possible. Btw, Kevin went house hunting last Saturday. And we decided on putting an offer down for a house in Watertown, Connecticut. Now, we need all the luck to get that house. I saw it only virtual via phone video. But I fell in love with the house and the big property already. If everything goes as we hope for it, I will blog more about it in the future of course.

Rainy Spring Day πŸŒ§

Grass Rain Drops

Today is a wet day. On and off, we have some rain. The plants in the garden love it. Even Luis, Zoey and Chewbacca love chasing each other in the rain. Ozzy came out later to check out, what’s coming down from the sky. Once, he realized it was water, he wanted to come back in. That cat is too funny. He makes me laugh. And that’s what I love about him.

Peach Blossoms 2021

A little over five years ago, Kevin and I planted this peach tree in our backyard. Every Spring, it has these beautiful pink blossoms. And it grew peaches in the first Summer, we planted it. Soon, we leave the tree behind for the next house owner to enjoy the sight and its fruits. Once we are settled in our new home, Kevin and I will plant another fruit tree(s) in Autumn. Maybe we’ll plant apples or cherries. Who knows?!

Our Texas Home Is Under Contract

Dallas, Texas

Monday, we had the photographer coming over to shoot professional photos of our home. On Wednesday, the house went on the market by 2 pm CST. About 45 minutes later, I got a call, we have two showings for the evening. That night, we received our first offer. Thursday, we’ve had another six showings in the afternoon. And on Friday, it went really busy. We had ten showings and three more offers that day. In the evening, our Real Estate Agent, Kevin and I discussed the offers and accepted the best one, while another one said, they will stay on the back burner, in case the first offer falls through. There were more clients interested to see the house, today. But we had to deactivate the showings until further notice. Either way, it seems to be a win-win situation. Let’s hope, everything goes smooth. πŸ·πŸ€

Our Strawberries 2021 πŸ“

A few days ago, I spent some time in the local nursery again. My Texas garden season still will be for another two and a half months, before we move to New England. In the meantime, it will be nice to enjoy some fresh picked strawberries. The girls love them, because they are so much sweeter than the store bought fruits. Once we are settled in Connecticut, I will start with a garden and greenhouse all over again. We definitely need our backyard oasis, in Connecticut.

Our Texas House Is Ready For The Market

The last couple of days, Katelynn, Sara and I did a lot of cleaning to prepare the house for the photoshoot. The girls did an amazing job, cleaning their rooms, the dining area and the whole frontroom. Katelynn really surprised me, how responsible she is lately. She also gave Sara instructions, what needs to be done. That way I could focus on my chores. The house looks so empty, I had to capture some cell phone photos, before the Real Estate Photographer came over to do professional photos in the house. After talking to our Real Estate Agent, our Texas house will be on the market on Wednesday, March 10th in the afternoon. Now, we are getting excited. However, I also have more items, I can get rid off. That darn garage floor is full. Time to do another clean out. It seems like it never ends.

Spring Arrives In North Texas ~ 2021

Slowly, but steady the trees show signs of budding in our yard. The Bradford Pear, Methley Plum, and peach trees can’t wait to show their beautiful blossoms. The Fuyu Persimmon needs a little bit longer. It prefers the warmer days in May over the March weather, when it still can get cool at night. Our hyacinths seem to recover nicely from the cold temperatures, we had in mid-February. Some show their colorful blooms already. Others need a little bit longer as well. I’m just glad, some of my flowers and all my trees survived the Winter storm.

Taking A Break From The House Chores

The last few days I painted so much, I had to take a deserved break today. This afternoon, I took some random photos around the house. I’ve noticed, our hyacinths made it through the cold spell, we experienced two weeks ago. The chives survived and poke out of the ground. The rosemary seems to recover. And maybe with some luck, the lavender made it too. Time will tell. The rest in the garden and greenhouse seems like they didn’t survive. I’m not sure, if it is worth to cut some of the plants back and see, if they come back, or just call it as done and replace them. I also have to see, what my budget allows me to do. Right now, the garden just looks very sad. 😦

Due to the warmer weather, the Spring messengers like henbit, chickweed, blue field madder, and Persian speedwell are blooming all over the backyard. We have some dandelions growing in the yard as well. This year, trees seem to take a little bit longer. The sub-zero temperatures shocked them. But as long as they survived the cold, I can wait for them to come back.

Hello March, 2021!


Pink Columbine Rain Drops.

The big month has arrived. We have only a few touch-ups and the deep cleaning left in our house, before we will put it on the market next week. Yep, it’s been four months when we found out we will be moving to Connecticut. A lot of work has been done in the house. And now, it’s ready for sale. So many memories have been made in this place and in our community, the last 16 years. It’s hard to believe, time flew by so fast.

Kevin will move to Connecticut this week. We plan to follow at the late May/early June. In Texas school ends before Memorial Day and Connecticut won’t start school before Labor Day. Therefore, the girls will have a long Summer Break this year. It will be crazy with two households for a little while. But we will figure it out. Thank goodness, this will last only for a few months, until we are all back to together again.


Refurbishing The House/Painting The Master Bedroom (Part II)

Today, we finished painting the master bedroom. All the walls have two coats of paint. It looks great. Once the paint is tried, we can pull the painter’s tape off and move the furniture back in place. Another room less to worry about. Oh, and the cats helped painting. They even managed to get paint on their noses, paws and tails. Time for a group bath!

Refurbishing The House/Painting The Master Bedroom (Part I)

This afternoon, I finally started painting the master bedroom. Today, this was more of a side project, while I was waiting for the a/c company and the chimney sweeping company to show up. The good news: the ac guys did show up in their time frame. They were very professional. The bad news: we need a new inside unit asap. It’s still the original unit. Its seen its best days. We can’t complain, it lasted 40+ years. But the price for the replacement is steep. And it’s not even worth repairing anymore. I saw the mess with my own eyes and said: “Yep, it’s done!” The chimney guy pissed me off. Therefore I don’t want to talk about him. He ruined my mood and probably would piss me even more off, while I type this. I’ll let it go. When I went back to painting the room, Benny and Zoey “offered” their help. They made me laugh. And I felt better, again. Benny said, he’s in charge of spackling the putty in the small holes in the wall. What he meant: While I filled the holes, he watched the blue jay outside, from the bedroom window. Zoey was helping by not being in my way or trying to lick the paint of the walls. πŸ˜‰

Texas Winter 2021: It’s Like Nothing Ever Happened

Last weekend, we were in a deep freeze here in Texas. Now, that the polar vortex retreated, it feels like nothing ever happened. We have balmy 60+ degrees (16+ Celsius) weather. The downside, it killed most of my plants in the garden and even in the greenhouse. πŸ™„πŸ˜©πŸ˜’ I guess, I have to start all over again. Thank goodness, I haven’t planted any of the Spring flowers and herbs, yet. However, all my bulb flowers, survived the sub-zero weather. The birds, and Peaches enjoy the nice sunny weather. Kevin uses the warmth to fix some items around the house. We actually can open the windows and let some air flow throughout the house. That’s just Texas Winter for y’all: Warm spring-like temperatures – freezing cold (this front was exceptionally bitterly freezing cold πŸ₯Ά) – warm spring-like temperatures.

Hurray! We Have New Carpets In The Bedrooms!🎈

The contractor supposed to be installing our carpets on this last Tuesday. However, due to snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures he postponed the appointment to Friday. Yesterday they couldn’t make it either, due to backtracking all their other clients’ houses. Finally, today it was our turn. Now, the carpets are installed, we can breath a little bit. I still have a lot of work to do, before we can put the house on the market. What irritated me the most, this week the waste management couldn’t pick up our trash this week. It’s not their fault. But I’m still frustrated. We have so much more “clutter” to dump. An empty trash bin would be a blessing. Anyway, my rant about the trash is over. We are grateful for having new carpets. One of the cats dedicated the carpet by throwing up a big pile of food. Don’t worry, the carpet’s clean. πŸ™„

The Move To Connecticut Becomes More Realistic

The last three and a half months the thought of moving were kind of okay. Now, that we cleaned out the bedrooms and disassembled some of the furniture for the installment of new carpets, it starts to become more realistic that we are moving to Connecticut. Our dogs and cats seemed to feel the stress. All six of them came into the master bedroom, and needed my reassurance that everything is alright. Josh’, Ozzy and Chewbacca “helped” with the furniture, while Luis, Zoey and Benny made sure, they were sitting in my path. Zoey wanted to make sure I do my job right, sitting by my side and giving me one of her wet slobbery tongue kisses all over my face. Chewbacca “counted” all the screws and hinges and made sure, I put them all in the bag. It’s nice to have four-legged supervisors around the house. They are half a dozen of goofballs, we love so much. Good ol’ furbabies! πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰ πŸ’—